B003YDS  1

21SX21S/52X58 5

B005YD-01# 100%
21SX21S/52X58 5

ramie/bamboo vi
36SX36S/79X60 5

B55/C45 20S~40S

bamboo/cotton b
B55/C45 20S~40S

100% original&n



    Hunan Huasheng Zhuzhou Cedar Co.,ltd is a multi-stock company held by Hunan Huasheng Industrial & trading Imp & Exp (Group) Corp, and it is the ramie fabric development base of CTDC(Chinese Textile Development Center). This company, original Zhuzhou Ramie Textile Printing &dyeing Mill, was built in 1956, is the first large modern ramie textile integrated enterprise in China, is specialized in the developing, designing, producing and selling the textile product with such natural materials as ramie, linen, bamboo, hemp and cotton. The company has asset of 185 million and occupies an area of 200 thousand square meters, 90 thousand of which is the area of workshops.
During the past 50 years, the company has been the No.1 in the ramie textile industry field   in China, either in technical innovation, research and development, or in market deploitation and enterprise administration. The company has developed independently the quick de-gumming   technology of ramie fiber, the new carding and spinning technology of ramie fiber, and the technology of high counts ramie fabrics. The company presided and established the National Standard and Industrial Standard of ramie product. The company also fostered a plenty of technician for the ramie textile factories and textile research inst...

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